Revolutionizing MMO 3D Character Creation

From Concept to Reality: Elevating Avalon's Character Design with Popul8 and Cutting-Edge Character Creation Technology

Credit: Avalon

Unparalleled Character Editor and Control

Avalon Corp, led by veteran developers from iconic games like Everquest, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, embarked on an ambitious project to create a new MMO, "Avalon". Their vision was to craft a game where players not only play but also contribute to the world by creating characters, cities, and quests. The goal was to push the boundaries of player engagement and content creation in the MMO genre.

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Automated Character Creation Pipeline

Avalon's integration of Popul8™ into their character creation pipeline was a strategic necessity, enabling them to produce a diverse array of unique 3D characters, perfectly tailored to their game's unique style.

This critical decision not only fueled the success of their demo, reflected in over 50 million unique monthly visits post-announcement and 120,000+ teaser trailer views, but also solidified Popul8™ as an essential tool in Avalon's ongoing mission to meet and exceed gamer expectations for new, captivating content.

Generate 3D Characters from 2D Concept Art

Take existing artwork and produce accurate 3D characters, fully rigged and game-ready instantly.

Create More Representative and Diverse Characters

Achieve unprecedented quality and uniqueness across all ranges of character variations for more representative in-game characters.

Integrate a Powerful In-Game Character Editor SDK

Offer the most powerful character editing system to players, putting your players in control.

Supercharge Verification and Game-Ready 3D Character Production

For Studio Directors seeking to push the boundaries of character creation while optimizing resources and timelines, Avalon's experience with Popul8™ offers valuable insights. It exemplifies how leveraging advanced 3D character generation technology can lead to significant milestones in game development and marketing achievements.

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