Frequently Asked Questions


How seamlessly does Popul8 integrate with current game development?

Popul8 integrates seamlessly into your current game development pipeline, allowing users to export with your character specifications. You define the file format, topology, texture resolutions and formatting, naming conventions, etc. All game engines are supported such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

What kind of technical support and training is available for Popul8?

Deploying Popul8 in your game studio requires minimal set-up as the software is built to work out-of-the-box. If needed, our technical team will be available to accelerate your ability to deploy your assets and create a pipeline allowing you to achieve character creation goals faster.

Is there a demo available?

A publicly available demo of Popul8 will be available before the end of the year. For a demo with your team, please contact us directly here.


What is Memory Optimization?

Popul8 enables you to run a near infinite number of characters because it exports your variations as a data set from which to blend from, for example reducing draw calls by 99.33% when rendering 12,000 characters using Popul8's memory optimized format versus single FBX rendering.

How does Asset Fitting work?

Using your base character with its specifications, you can upload your own assets or deformables in Popul8. Your assets will be applied instantly to the characters within Popul8, precisely fitting your artists’ great work to any new shapes. You can control which assets go to which character as you generate the variations you're looking for easily.

Can you import your own FBX?

Yes, Popul8 allows you to upload your own FBX, your base character with its unique topology as well as any other assets you may need to generate more characters instantly.

What Art Styles can Popul8 support?

Popul8 supports rendering in any stylized game art style and can create characters across any fictional genre, like fantasy or sci-fi, as well as realistic humans. More importantly, Popul8 allows you to create and blend across character types, such as orcs, elves and humans, all from one base character shape.

Does Popul8 work with other 3D rendering tools such as Blender or Maya?

Yes, Popul8 allows you to export to any 3D rendering tool including Blender, Maya as well as Unity and Unreal Engine 5. This means you can render your characters (FBX and associated skin, topology) in all game engines, including your own custom engine.


How much support does the Didimo team provide?

The Didimo team is available for support based on your needs and contract. We are always adding new features to Popul8 and are excited to push the boundaries of 3D character creation for the gaming world. Though the software operates out-of-the-box, it is possible to receive dedicated support at this time based on your needs and ambition scoped in a conversation with our team.

Does Didimo solely license the software or are we also working on the software ourselves?

Didimo is the creator of Popul8 and our innovative team continues to improve our software, whether through groundbreaking patents or revolutionary processes in 3D character creation. This means the product you are purchasing has the full support of one of the most technically advanced teams in the world when it comes to 3D character creation.

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