Popul8™: Revolutionizing 3D Character Creation for Game Studios

With Popul8, transform your 3D character production pipeline by automating the creation of diverse, high-quality characters at scale. Elevate your game's creativity, optimize production costs, and accelerate time-to-market.

Discover the power of a standalone, engine-agnostic system for the rapid creation and in-game rendering of unique 3D characters in your art style. Leverae your own characters' topology, rig, textures, streamline asset fitting and animation retargeting while optimizing memory to create new hero characters or instantly generate  thousands of characters in your game.

Accelerate end-to-end character creation so that you can better fill your games with more, unique and top-quality characters. Power your in-game character editor through our SDK and unleash your players' creativity.

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“Popul8 is revolutionary for game production. We can now easily create 1000x more content for our players.”
Sean Pinnock, CEO
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Create so much more with
what you already have

Use Popul8 to create hero characters and diverse content faster while preserving your unique art style. Effortlessly generate thousands of characters for crowds and NPCs, enhancing both variety and efficiency in your game development process.

Automatically produce more variation with your existing 3D assets

Popul8 enables game developers to upload their base character and produce all new variations with the same quality and art style.

Instantly generate 1,000s of diverse & unique characters for crowds

Using our automated asset-fitting, rigging and animation retargeting technology, create 1,000s of characters with a single click.

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Automate & Optimize 3D Content Production
Across Your Existing Pipeline

End-to-End Character Creation Software

Easily create fully rigged 3D characters that matches your game art style. Produce and render new characters in-game faster than ever.

Instant Unique and Infinite Variations

Generate new unique and diverse variations from a single character template in your game art style to better represent ethnicities or fantasy genres.

Automated Animation Retargeting

Streamline animation retargeting to new characters and ensure top-quality output. Popul8 also enables automated asset fitting.

Memory & Rendering Optimizing

Enables memory optimized rendering (reduce drawcalls by 90%) to support thousands of characters in your game.

Powerful In-Game Character Editor SDK

Power your in-game character editor with Popul8™ and free your players' creativity. Spend less time recreating a new character system.

Concept Art to 3D Characters in Minutes

Take your artists' 2D concept art of characters and create 3D meshes instantly using the Didimo Generation Pipeline.

Popul8™ is built for game developers

Standalone App for Seamless Integration

Popul8 is a standalone application that allows you to create characters for any production pipeline and seamlessly integrates into current or upcoming projects. Export FBX files to be used in any engine, including your own custom engine.

More Features

Use Our In-Game Character Editor SDK

Save time and avoid creating a new character system in your game. Use Popul8's powerful in-game character editor SDK so you can accelerate production. Learn more about how you can offer the most powerful character editor to your players today.

Popul8: Unlimited Characters without the Performance Hit

“One of the biggest benefits of Popul8 is the game readiness and performance of its output.”

Jason Weimann

Founder and Host of Unity3D College
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Games Powered by Popul8

Cities: Skylines II

Popul8 allowed us to achieve character variation we could've never done by ourselves. It also worked out-of-the-box, with minimal set up from our team. This saved us a lot of time.
Damien Morello, CTO at Colossal Order
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With Popul8, we produced the Avalon MVP faster with more, better-looking characters than we ever imagined. The variations we can create with Popul8 look even better than what we were making by hand - impressing our team and investors.
Jeff Butler, CPO at Avalon Corp
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How seamlessly does Popul8 integrate with current game development?

Popul8 integrates seamlessly into your current game development pipeline, allowing users to export with your specifications. You define the file format, topology, texture resolutions and formatting, naming conventions, etc. All game engines are supported such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

I have already defined a mesh and rig for the characters in my game. Will Popul8 be able to leverage those, or am I restricted to specifications defined by Didimo ?

Although Popul8 does offer its own base character options to facilitate production, Popul8 is primarily a software that leverages your mesh and rigs as the fundamental building blocks of character creation. Your artists and technical artists are at the heart of the process, defining your character specifications. Popul8 simply empowers them to produce far more characters based of your specifications enabling to populate your game world faster and with better quality variations.

What Art Styles are supported by Popul8?

Popul8 supports rendering in any stylized game art style and can create characters across any fictional genre, like fantasy or sci-fi, as well as realistic humans. More importantly, Popul8 allows you to create and blend across character types, such as orcs, elves and humans, all from one base character shape.

Does Popul8 support exporting characters for Unity and Unreal Engine?

Yes, Popul8 allows you to export to any 3D rendering tool including Blender, Maya as well as Unity and Unreal Engine 5. This means you can render your characters (FBX and associated skin, topology) in all game engines, including your own custom engine.

What kind of technical support and training is available for Popul8?

Deploying Popul8 in your game studio requires minimal set-up as the software is built to work out-of-the-box. If needed, our technical team will be available to accelerate your ability to deploy your assets and create a pipeline allowing you to achieve character creation goals faster.

Is there a demo available?

A publicly available demo of Popul8 will be available before the end of the year. For a demo with your team, please contact us directly here.