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High-Quality Digital Humans
In 60 seconds. For everyone.
avatar, digital human
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avatar, Didimo, 3D character, 3D human, avatar maker
avatar, Didimo, 3D character, 3D human, avatar maker

environment courtesy of Atom Stars

Put Your Customers Inside The Action

Didimo 3D digital humans™ put your customer front and center in any digital experience, so they can more effectively communicate, share, learn, play and shop. 


All it takes is a photo, and we do the rest.

avatar, Didimo, 3D character, 3D human, avatar maker

Designed for:

Gaming Metaverse  Retail  AR/VR
Mobile  Website • Events • Headset

Digital human twin, avatar, Didimo, game character

Life-Like Digital Humans. 
At Speed & Scale.

Our B2B Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides businesses, developers, and content creators with everything needed to generate incredibly life-like digital humans in their experiences.

The platform creates both user-generated characters and NPCs, as either full-body or head-only characters, at scale and at runtime in games, websites, AR/VR experiences, apps and more.

Incredibe digital humans that fit your workflow. Unity, Unreal, webGL, Oculus, iOS, Android? Of course. Didimo was designed to work on any platform or game engine, with support for standard industry tools like Mixamo, Daz3D, Amazon Polly, ARKit, Azure Cognitive Services & more.


Simple. Fast. Powerful.

From years of research and design, Didimo is a simple yet powerful platform. Our patented AI and computer graphics pipeline and our API and SDK make it easy to bring rigged, skinned and fully animatable characters to life in your game, app, and website. Best of all, they are customizable, versatile and designed for scale at runtime.


Quick turn-around:
no more manual work or time-consuming process. 
User-generated digital humans at runtime.


Automate a complex series of steps. No more experts or expensive software & hardware.


Map facial features to each pixel of a digital human via advanced computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning.


Deploy in any environment. Developers can use their own rig
and mesh or leverage ours.

Compatible with:

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Didimos can revolutionize your business.
Let us show you how.

An enterprise solution that allows your gamers or customers to easily digitize and immerse themselves in your existing game or experience. Now you can personalize the way your customers engage - and drive increased in-game time, loyalty, service and revenue.


Clients & Partners include:

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