Automate 3D Character Creation for Your Entire Production

Create thousands of diverse, top-quality and unique characters to populate your games based on the art style and topology of your characters.

Unique variations
from a single base
(one mesh, texture,
topology, etc.)


Reduced memory footprint
to support infinite
characters in-game


Faster character creation
compared to traditional
art software

Improve overall game performance

Deliver game worlds filled with your high quality characters within budget and ideal timeline. Achieve the impossible by rendering thousands of characters on screen using a single draw call reducing your memory footprint by 99%.

Save valuable time and resources

Speed up your production pipeline by accelerating end-to-end character creation. Take existing art assets into Popul8 and generate more high-quality variations. You can also use 2D concept art and create entirely new 3D characters within minutes.

Check for quality through our streamlined asset fitting and animation retargeting to alleviate tedious daily tasks.

Use your character specifications

Input your existing character specifications, including your textures, shapes, rigs, and more, within Popul8. Take complete control of the art direction and render characters in your stylised game art style.

Discover the gold-standard in large-scale 3D character creation for accelerated game development

Match Your Stylized Game Art Direction

Input your base shape and create new characters that can be rendered in your game's art style.

Use Your Existing Topology, Rig and More

Popul8 works with your specifications and allows your creative decisions to guide all character creation.

Generate 3D Characters from Concept Art

Take your 2D concept art and instantly generate 3D meshes for new characters to accelerate production.

Make More Diverse Characters

Create characters for broader representation and continuous improve representation of ethnicities in your art.

Produce Unique and Top-Quality Variations

Generate more truly unique characters for your game than would be possible using traditional tools.

Automate Your Assets Fitting

Use your assets and simply automate the daily tasks of fitting them across each new shape in Popul8.

Streamline Animation Retargeting to New Shapes

Ensure a high level of quality by streamlining animation retargeting across all shapes, in real-time.

Support Memory Optimized Rendering of Thousands

Using our memory optimized system, you can render thousands of characters in a single draw call.

Use our SDK for your In-Game Character Editor

Provide your players with the most powerful character creation tool and unleash their creativity.

Our Pricing Policy

At Didimo, we believe in providing you with a dynamic software solution that grows with your creative ambitions. Our platform is constantly evolving, introducing new features to enhance your character creation experience regularly.

Understanding that each project is unique, we tailor our pricing to match the scope of your needs, offering flexible licensing options and dedicated support that aligns with your project milestones and integration requirements.

To ensure you get the most value from Popul8 and a customized plan that fits your team, we encourage you to contact us for a detailed consultation.

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