October 31, 2023

The Days of Building Your Own Character Variation Tool Are Over

It's time to revolutionize character creation in game development.

Stop spending valuable time and resources on developing a custom solution and start populating your game with more characters, faster.

If you’re looking to populate your game with a massive variety of top-quality 3D characters but are limited on time and resources, then the latest release of this next-generation tool to scale character production is here to help.

Introducing Popul8™, the ultimate 3D character mass production software developed by Didimo that enables you to seamlessly generate legions of unique characters in the style of your game within minutes. This software reduces character development time by supporting creative directors and technical artists with a powerful tool that simplifies character production at each step of the process.

Make huge strides in your schedule by relying on features such as easy asset fitting and streamlined animation retargeting across character variations, as well as groundbreaking memory optimization to run vastly more characters at runtime, in real-time.

Create new characters in your stylized game art style.

Empower your creative and technical direction, making your game more diverse while perfectly matching your art style. This tool offers maximum flexibility by letting you upload your own assets, integrating your topology and rig. From there, simply generate more variations of fully rigged, animatable and textured characters and free your art team to focus on creating even more beautiful content across your game.

Popul8™ supports a near-limitless artistic vision by massively reducing approval cycles. Artists can now turn any character concept art into a fully rigged 3D character within minutes, generating an exportable FBX file to integrate into your character pipeline. Export characters individually or as a group and maintain your production milestones as you move efficiently through character production with minimal engineering costs.

Rely on existing art to create new characters in real-time.

You can produce characters that match Metahuman’s LOD standards and deploy characters according to your custom LOD strategy. You have the ability to choose the level of detail you’d like your characters to have, always ensuring the output is suitable for your intended platform, no matter its GPU capacity.

Additionally, Popul8™’s Memory Optimization feature reduces the memory footprint of your characters by over 80%, reducing drawcalls by 90%, so you can run thousands of high-quality characters on-screen at the same time. From a world full of playable characters to an entire universe of NPCs, your character scope can finally match your (and your investors’) ambition.

Popul8™ is engine agnostic, fully supporting games built in Unity or Unreal.  This means it can accelerate the mass production of characters across all platforms, whether you’re building for PC, consoles or mobile users.

Turn 2D concept art into 3D geometry to use in your game instantly.

With Popul8™, level up your entire character creation pipeline from 2D concept art to final animation and render in your game, at run-time and in real-time:

It’s time to make the impossible a reality. With Popul8™ at your fingertips, avoid creating another character variation system and keep that energy for pushing the boundaries of your creative vision.

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