August 15, 2023

WCCFTECH: Popul8 Q&A – How Generative AI Can Solve One of Gaming’s Age-Old Issues

Attention Game Studio Directors: Dive into the Future of Character Creation

Catch the WCCFTECH's Q&A with Didimo

The power of AI in game development cannot be understated and we had a great Q&A with WCCFTECH. Here's a summary of what we discussed below.

The Problem: Ever been engrossed in an expansive open-world game, only to realize the same few NPCs keep cropping up, pulling you out of your immersive experience?

The Solution: Introducing Popul8 – a groundbreaking generative AI tool developed by Didimo, the game-changing tech firm that's about to redefine the way artists and developers design game characters.

What Can Popul8 Do?

  1. Infinite Unique Characters: Say goodbye to repetitive NPCs. Popul8 harnesses powerful generative AI to churn out countless unique characters tailored to your game's aesthetics.
  2. Fully Customizable: Give your key artists the tools to design, adapt, and perfect every tiny detail of the characters, from their garments to their facial structures.
  3. Global Diversity: Didimo's vast dataset encompasses every ethnicity imaginable, ensuring that every game world is as diverse and realistic as our own.
  4. Seamless Integration: Whether you're using Unity, Unreal, or even MetaHuman, Popul8 is designed to integrate effortlessly, making the character creation process smoother than ever.

Didimo's Vision: Founded in 2016, Didimo is the brainchild of Veronica Costa Orvalho, who has dedicated over 15 years to R&D in the pursuit of digitizing human connection. "Digital characters are the bridge connecting us more humanly to virtual realms, moulding our identity however we choose," Veronica expresses.

Popul8 was used by Colossal Order to generate thousands of character variations to fill players' cities in Cities: Skylines 2.
AI and the future of game development

Why Should Studios Adopt Popul8?When Didimo reached out to technical directors, art directors, and game directors, the consensus was clear: character editors were taxing both on time and budgets. Popul8 was born out of this necessity, ensuring studios can focus on game development rather than getting bogged down by character creation.

Popul8 & Generative AI: All tech aficionados will be thrilled to know that Didimo owns every line of code. They've even secured multiple patents, covering everything from data transfer to animation systems. And with their dedication to sharing knowledge, the team frequently showcases their innovations at events like SIGGRAPH.

The Future is Now: One of the most ambitious features in the pipeline? Scanning users and recreating them digitally within games. "Imagine transforming into an Elf version of yourself in the game world. That's our vision," says Veronica.

Conclusion: As the gaming world leans into realism, studios need tools that can keep pace. Popul8 is not just a tool; it's the future of character design. With Didimo's commitment to innovation, the possibilities are truly infinite.

Take your gaming worlds to the next level with Popul8. Dive into the future of gaming realism today! Check out the full story here.

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