September 26, 2023

Didimo shines a light on what to expect from immersive metaverse experiences in 2023

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The Future of Gaming through the Metaverse

Web3 technology and the metaverse continue to evolve rapidly, so companies are looking to better understand them and design the best ways to provide their customers and consumers with unique experiences. In recent years, the metaverse has proven crucial to brands as a vehicle for establishing authentic relationships with customers. According to BCG, the metaverse market is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2030. With this potential, developing a strategy for the metaverse has crept into the heart of business strategies and is here to stay.

In the wake of this rapid evolution, here at Didimo we decided that we needed to reflect on what wecan expect during this year. As such we’re highlighting five trends that our team believes will mark thisimmersive technology during 2023.

The Future of work

With the capability to recreate environments such as an office, design studio, or immersive training, themetaverse is a new way of performing work. In 2023, it is expected that there will be a focus on experimenting with new work methodologies, such as remote collaborative design and cross-cultural immersive technical training. Remote work will continue to be an option for some companies and immersive computing experiences will play a significant role in employee satisfaction.

New regulation

Primarily, the metaverse is used as a space dedicated to interaction and socialization. However, as brands continue to develop services through immersive technology such as Web3, an investment in security features as well as increased regulation are to be expected. Trust and authenticity will be key for companies that want to offer experiences with integrity, security, and confidence.

Augmented reality

2023 will be a year of experimentation with new technologies that can provide consumers with an immersive experience. One of the most essential is augmented reality, which adds a new dimension with infinite possibilities in our daily lives. In addition, projection simulation and touch screens will complement this tool that should grow well beyond the headsets needed to enjoy augmented reality.

Digital humans

Today, a large proportion of consumers are familiar with the concept of avatars, mostly due to social networks or video games. This year we will see an exponential increase in interest in human representation on Web3 and in the metaverse. There will therefore be a demand for digital twins, with the necessary customization to maintain the resemblance to reality. Thus, we will see a mass adoption of platforms that provide this tool of the highest possible quality, with the aim of boosting an immersive and realistic experience in these digital environments.

Our goal at Didimo is to do our part and open the door to this new dimension that has immense potential for brands. In 2022 we definitely saw a growing demand for solutions evolving the metaverse.We’re looking forward to supporting companies during integration to help them strengthen their connection with their customers.

You can read more about what our team believes will be trending in 2023 in the Portuguese medialandscape in Executive Digest, The Next Big Idea and Empreendedor, to name but a few.  

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