November 10, 2023

Game Informer Feature: Charting the Future of AI in Game Development

In the evolving realm of game development, artificial intelligence is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

It is with immense pride and a sense of shared accomplishment that we at Didimo revel in our recent mention in Game Informer's latest issue.

This nod from a leading voice in the gaming industry both humbles and excites us, as it underscores our commitment to innovative, ethical AI in game development.

Our CEO, Veronica Costa Orvalho, captured the essence of our mission: "We're helping game studios, from executive producers to artists, better manage costs." Our collaboration with Soleil Game Studios, creators of adrenaline-fueled titles like Naruto and Samurai Jack, exemplifies this, with Didimo's technology playing a pivotal role in developing hundreds of non-playable characters.

Characters created with Popul8 for Cities: Skylines II

Didimo's ethos is to empower developers, allowing them to bring three-dimensional characters to life seamlessly, aligning with the unique art style of each game and enhancing the storytelling without delay. This transformative process not only accelerates creative workflows but also infuses game worlds with unparalleled diversity and vibrancy.

In harmony with our philosophy, Yves Jacquier from Ubisoft La Forge remarks on the intricacies of crafting expansive open worlds. He asserts, "AI needs to assist the creator, not the creation," a principle that deeply resonates with us and is woven into the fabric of our AI offerings like Popul8. These tools are designed to augment the creative process, fostering an environment where developers can transcend traditional boundaries and truly shine.

Our approach to AI is conscientious and deliberate. We stand apart from the rest with a character generation pipeline that's built on proprietary or specifically licensed data, ensuring our advances in the field are both groundbreaking and responsible. Our patented technologies showcase our quest to ethically enhance the character creation process.

As we continue to innovate, we're driven by the belief that our work doesn't just transform development studios—it inspires the entire industry to aspire to greater heights. The journey ahead is filled with boundless potential, and we eagerly anticipate sharing our newest developments with you.

We invite you to experience the power of Didimo firsthand. Join us on this remarkable journey and see how our technology can transform your game development process.

Ready to see our AI in action? Contact us now for a personalized demo and let's explore what Didimo can do for you.

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