October 3, 2023

80lv: Didimo: Accelerating Game Production with AI-Generated Characters

Didimo's CTO João Orvalho spoke about the company's new AI-powered character generator and editor for game developers and character artists, shared what the biggest challenges in terms of AI-results that are generated are, and discussed what he sees as the future growth potential for the tool.

80lv meets Didimo for the first time

80lv interview João Orvalho, CTO of Didimo, who has more than two decades of experience in programming, engineering, and team management. He has earned degrees from the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto. Didimo specializes in creating high-fidelity digital human avatars and AI-generated game characters, boasting four patents for their platform that can transform 2D photos into 3D avatars.

In a deep dive into the future of game design, the artile unveils the groundbreaking advancements in AI-powered character generation and the transformative potential it holds for game developers. As Didimo spearheads innovations in high-fidelity digital avatars, discover how their new tools are set to redefine game character creation and the challenges they're overcoming along the way.

The company is set to launch an AI-powered character generator and editor, which will dramatically reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with game character creation. This tool will allow for the rapid development of diverse non-playable characters (NPCs) which enriches game experiences for players. The tool emphasizes speed but ensures character artists and developers maintain full design control.

Helping game studios achieve their goals

With the help of AI, Didimo's tool can produce characters based on specific criteria, such as demographics. It can also manage group edits, instantaneously process changes, and efficiently serve character files without overloading game memory.

Some challenges Didimo is addressing include human face modeling, where they aim to produce realistic human head shapes and features. They're also working on animation retargeting, ensuring characters animate realistically, and advanced stylization to align with a game designer's vision.

Looking ahead, Didimo plans to introduce features that allow games to utilize their technology more comprehensively. They're developing a player-facing module for personalized gaming experiences and collaborating with game publishers to meet their needs. The company's goal is to revolutionize game design, making games more immersive and allowing designers to craft novel gameplay and narratives.

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