Pricing & Packages
Pricing Model

Approach to Pricing

Access to the Didimo platform is via Access Packages. Each package type allows access to Didimo services for a fixed time.

There are three package types: Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Higher package levels include additional functionality and the ability to generate higher quantities. See the package details below and select the package that's right for you.

Your account Tier is determined by the highest active Access Package currently purchased. You may trade up/down among packages as your needs vary. Access Packages can be purchased directly through the Customer Portal.

Package Details

Free Trial
Try it for free

See how easy it is to generate didimo digital humans. Create a free account in the Customer Portal and gain immediate trial access to see the platform, features and capabilities.

  • Create free test didimos, with Basic and Advanced features

  • Preview a pre-created didimo with Pro-level features


125 points


  • Selfie Mesh Generation

  • Selfie + Depth Mesh Generation
    (select devices only)

  • Simple Real-time Rig

  • Visemes

(average ≈ 50 didimos)


650 points

Everything in "Basic" plus

  • Advanced Real-time Rig (FACS based)


(average ≈ 230 didimos)


8,000 points

Everything in "Advanced" plus

  • Photogrammetry Data Mesh Generation

(average ≈ 370 didimos)

Looking for high-volume enterprise packages?

For Enterprise usage of the Didimo Platform at volume, we offer bespoke Enterprise Agreements that provide SLA supported implementation of our Didimo services for a longer period. These are tailored agreements to meet your specific needs.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Pricing Illustrations

Basic Character Generation

If you are looking for an avatar that is a simple representation of a user, then we recommend using the lightweight Selfie input method. Including a simple real-time animation rig will allow for subtle eye and jaw movement, but will not provide the capability for more Advanced facial animation or speech. This solution would work well for Fashion applications, as well as simple mobile Gaming solutions or VR apps.

Point Cost - 2.5 Points
Minimum Package Required - Basic


A single Basic Package ($75) would allow you to create 50 didimo avatars of this specification.

B120 didimo render_v2_hair_front.png
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I purchase an Access Package but reach my Fair Use Limit of points before the end of my Package Term?

Your package will have been fully used once you have reached the Fair Use Limit. You may purchase additional Access Packages at any time to continue using Didimo platform services. If you anticipate that you will require a higher Fair Use Limit during your package term (ie, a large number of didimos created in a short period), consider selecting the next higher Access Package available.

What if I purchase an Access Package but do not use all of my points? Can they roll over?

Any remaining points expire when that Package Term expires. Points cannot roll over.

How do I know how many points a didimo requires for generation?

A menu of configuration variables and associated point costs is available within the Customer Portal, and examples are provided in the Pricing Illustrations tab of this page.

After my Access Package expires, will I lose access to my didimos?

No. Access Packages apply to the usage of didimo generation services. Once you have created a didimo it will remain in your Didimo account and can be accessed via our API or SDK directly within your apps, software, and services after an Access Package ends.

What ongoing cost or license is associated with my created didimos?

None. Any didimo avatars created with a non-Trial Access Package are licensed under our Commercial API T&Cs and have no ongoing costs for commercial usage, you simply pay to generate.

What should I do if I would like more access than the "Pro" Tier provides?

If you expect a large quantity of didimo generation or are interested in integrating our services for a longer period within your own software or solution, we offer custom Enterprise Agreements. Please contact us at [email protected] with your requirements to discuss a tailored solution to meet your needs.

More questions?