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Pricing depends upon features used and volumes generated.

Larger purchase volumes reduce the cost per didimo; in many cases, making this less than $1.00 per didimo.

All Access Packages are points-based, making it simple to customize didimo features used.


Access Package

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Create a free account to try the platform. See a demo didimo and generate your own sample didimos with Starter Access Package features. 

Access Package

Promo Pricing $75

Basic Features:

  • Selfie Input

  • Real-Time Rig

  • Simple Poses

  • AWS Polly Visemes

  • Platform access for 30 days

  • 125 points

This access package can create at least 45 didimos.


Access Package

Promotional Pricing $260

Advanced Features:

  • Everything in "Basic" plus

  • ARKit Poses

  • Oculus Lipsync Poses

  • Texture Dimension Definition

  • Platform access for 30 days

  • 650 points

This access package can create at least 173 didimos.


Enterprise Solutions


Integrate large volumes of didimos on an ongoing basis into your business via an Enterprise Agreement.  Provides efficiency, SLA-based long-term support, and priority ticket support. 

Agreements are tailored to your needs. Let's discuss a solution that's right for you.

Access Packages are simple. There are three factors to consider:

  1. Points: access to the Didimo platform is obtained by purchasing packages of different point values. 

  2. Features: different feature choices for didimo configuration cost different point values.

  3. Duration: all packages expire after 30 days or after all points are spent. New packages can be purchased at any time. 

Additional Details for Access Packages

  • Access Packages can be purchased directly in the Customer Portal.

  • Each Access Package has an associated number of points to use. For each didimo generation request that your account makes, there is an associated ‘point value’ based on the specific configuration complexity of the didimo you generate. This value is deducted from your Access Package each time you generate a didimo. See details in the Customer Portal.

  • Once your Access Package reaches its usage limit, you must purchase another access package to continue generation services. 

  • It is possible that you may use all points before the end of the 30-day period; this also ends the use of that Access Package. Also, any remaining points at the close of a 30-day package will automatically expire.

  • Any didimo avatars created remain available for download and use after any Access Package expires, in line with the Didimo Retention Policy.

  • You can purchase multiple Access Packages simultaneously, and each will have its specific 30-day package term. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I purchase an Access Package but reach my Fair Use Limit of points before the end of my Package Term?

Your package will have been fully used once you have reached the Fair Use Limit. You may purchase additional Access Packages at any time to continue using Didimo platform services. If you anticipate that you will require a higher Fair Use Limit during your package term (ie, a large number of didimos created in a short period), consider selecting the next higher Access Package available.

What if I purchase an Access Package but do not use all of my points? Can they roll over?

Any remaining points expire when that Package Term expires. Points cannot roll over.

How do I know how many points a didimo requires for generation?

A menu of configuration variables and associated point costs is available within the Customer Portal.

After my Access Package expires, will I lose access to my didimos?

No. Access Packages apply to the usage of didimo generation services. Once you have created a didimo it will remain in your Didimo account and can be accessed via our API or SDK directly within your apps, software, and services after an Access Package ends.

What ongoing cost or license is associated with my created didimos?

None. Any didimo avatars created with a non-Trial Access Package are licensed under our Commercial API T&Cs and have no ongoing costs for commercial usage, you simply pay to generate.

What should I do if I would like more access than the "Advanced" Tier provides?

If you expect a large quantity of didimo generation or are interested in integrating our services for a longer period within your own software or solution, we offer custom Enterprise Agreements. Please contact us at [email protected] with your requirements to discuss a tailored solution to meet your needs.

More questions?