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The potential of Digital Humanity during a pandemic

We at Didimo believe that the current crisis presents an opportunity to enhance indirect human communication in a truly transformative way that presents hitherto unforeseen benefits.

Today’s Coronavirus pandemic prompts enormous opportunities for new types of virtual interaction and telepresence via digital humans. The technology to do so is now at the stage of maturity where positive personal and social benefits could be made accessible to anyone in an increasingly interconnected world in which direct physical proximity is not always necessary.

In the current crisis we are seeing schools closed, direct medical advice under unprecedented strain, businesses transitioning to remote working and sports events staged in empty stadiums. All this however is based on the established technology of streaming video which has many limitations in a virtual context, not the least of which is the fundamental 2-Dimensional and often impersonal nature of the medium. We at Didimo believe that the current crisis presents an opportunity to enhance indirect human communication in a truly transformative way that presents hitherto unforeseen benefits. Simply, our core vision is to initiate that transition through a fully realized 3-Dimensional immersive and personal experience in which we increasingly interact with others virtually as we really are.

Over the past few years Didimo has been developing a concept we call “Digital Humanity”, a high fidelity, fast and easy way to create your digital likeness and bring to life your most essential human attributes. This includes not just your visual appearance but your individual behavioral traits and quirks and above all your emotions. Our vision is nothing less than to provide you with the best possible virtual twin of yourself, and we have also developed a code of ethics to protect that twin — and you, as well. All this means much more than creating the types of 3D avatars you see today, it is about innovating a framework for individual personality and emotional expression at a level of quality that is truly convincing. For example, we all know that simple eye to eye contact transforms the emotional response in any conversation and carries a wealth of non-verbal meaning and intent. Achieving that level of response is how we measure ourselves.

Most importantly, Digital Humanity liberates the individual from the constraints of time and space, literally! For the first time you could be in ten or one hundred places at once which has major implications if you need to be always available. In today’s crisis, the implications for the medical profession alone where a virtual version of your physician could be instantly accessible 24/7 in mass epidemic events are profound. Imagine no waiting for appointments, rather instant, immediate reassuring advice and communication from a virtual twin of the physician you know and trust. And if you are sick, imagine if you could have a virtual twin of yourself as your intermediary that presents to those who wish to contact you, not as you look and feel while sick but as you want to be perceived. On the other hand, as our increasingly populated world becomes more interconnected in an expanding global info-sphere, the impact of both regional and international travel cannot continue increasing without further damage to our planet’s environment and as we all know today it carries health risks as well. The potential of Digital Humanity to forge bridges across all continents and cultures and develop new modes of low impact personal communication is surely how an advanced civilization should truly scale. Little of this could have been predicted just twenty years ago, but history usually does not unfold in predictable ways and it takes a black swan event such as the Coronavirus pandemic to spur innovation and remind us that the world is truly interconnected, interdependent but also at times risky, and that we should be looking at new ways of interacting.

All of this is increasingly possible through Didimo’s high fidelity 3D Digital Humanity technology. We specialize in the generation of high fidelity digital humans quickly and in volume. All this is why we named our company Didimo which stands for the word “twin” in Greek. All this is why we invite you to regularly check into our latest advancements and see how you too, can create your virtual twin to represent you.

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