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Key Platform Updates - October 2022

The year is moving fast, but so are we! Here's an update on recent advancements and feature requests to our pipeline. All details and examples can be found in our Developer Portal.

Key highlights include:

  • All didimo package assets names have been updated to improve readability. Please check the specifications.

  • Unreal SDK preview is available. Try it now!

  • New "minimal" profile with a reduced set of textures (albedo and normals only) and texture dimension for a smaller package size. It is aimed at metaverse and mobile applications.

  • The Customer Portal has a new WebGL viewer with animation support

  • Added support for Reallusion on the Asset Fitter package

  • New versions of Unity SDK, CLI and iOS app.

  • Many improvements to the Asset Fitter - now supports Facial Items (Glasses, Piercings, Hairs) and Accessories placed on the rig hierarchy.

  • Added support for didimo generation templates, so a user can create a configuration for didimo generation and use it.

  • Fixed issue when input photo had more than one face on it.

  • Lots of documentation updates including several tutorial videos ( Generate your first didimo , Unity SDK installation, ARKit Face Capture and Asset Fitter)

Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.12:

  • Full asset renaming - meshes, textures, and materials

  • Added avatar_info.json file for better support on the SDKs

  • Improved facial reconstruction for subjects with heavy beard

  • Updated "optimized" profile

  • Added "minimal" profile

  • Updated Body and Clothing texture

  • Improved facial pose and T-pose retargetting

  • Added more stringent head detection from photo - it now rejects any head box of size less than 128 pixels

Cloud API:

  • Added "minimal" profile support

  • Added support for using a didimo generation template code when generating a didimo

  • Bug-fix on bulk processing transactions view

Customer Portal:

  • Added "minimal" profile support

  • Added didimo generation templates management

  • Added support for using a didimo generation template when generating a didimo

  • Updated the didimo preview - it now uses didimo WebGL viewer with animation support*

  • Updated didimo inline meta information viewer UI

  • Multiple bug-fixes: didimo generation and details for older didimo versions

Unity SDK v4.5.2:

  • Added support for renamed didimo assets

  • Added support for didimos with hair directly on FBX and glTF packages

  • Fixed skin shader issues on apple silicon

  • Added Reallusion support for the Asset Fitter package

  • Updated name of hair color presets to match the names on the API

  • Fixed a bug where the eyelashes were casting big shadows

Didimo CLI v2.5.0:

  • Added "minimal" profile support

  • Added support for using a didimo generation template code when generating a didimo

  • Multiple bug-fixes: error messages and bulk validations

Unreal SDK Preview:

  • Initial preview release of Unreal SDK

  • Import didimos in FBX format

  • Play back body and facial animations

  • Demo scene with a didimo with idle animation

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