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Key Platform Updates - July 2022

We hope you are enjoying a nice summer break. We have been quite busy delivering upon more advancements and feature requests to our pipeline! Here are the highlights and, as usual, all details and examples can be found in our Developer Portal.

Release highlights include:

A- & T- Pose Options

didimo to MetaHuman capability

Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.10:

  • Added support for choosing body in T-pose or A-pose

  • Added support for package profiles standard and optimized

  • Updated garment textures

  • Removed option to set max texture resolution

Cloud API:

  • Added a new profile parameter (which accepts "standard" (default) or "optimized")

  • Removed max_texture_dimension parameter, in favor of the new profile parameter

  • Added body_pose parameter (which accepts "A" (default) or "T")

  • Updated the stable DGP version from v2.5.2 to v2.5.7

  • Updated the canary DGP version from v2.5.9 to v2.5.10

Customer Portal:

  • Added bulk didimo generation from a zip file (available for input_type=photo)

  • Introduced a new area in "my didimos" section where the currently pending and processing didimos are displayed

  • Removed parameter max_texture_dimension to the didimo generation UI

  • Added parameter profile to the didimo generation UI

  • Added parameter body_pose to the didimo generation UI (available only for full-body didimos)

  • Multiple layout fixes and UI improvements

Unity SDK v4.4.9:

  • Added Microsoft Azure TTS Integration

  • Added local deformation of hairstyles, using the Job System

  • Added support for Apple Silicon for the Asset Fitter package

Didimo CLI v2.5.0:

  • Added ability to delete a didimo

  • Added ability to manage didimo metadata

  • Removed support for max_texture_dimension (only for DGPv2.5.10+)

  • Added support for parameter body_pose on full-body didimo generation requests (only for DGPv2.5.10+)

  • Added support for profile definition on didimo generation requests (only for DGPv2.5.10+)

  • It's now possible to inspect didimo metadata

Unity Asset Store:

  • Added new packages to download character packs here.

Unity Asset Store Packages

Mobile iOS Showcase v4.1:

  • All-New! Try it here.

  • “Explore didimos” section so you can easily see samples and test features, without requiring a sign-in. New easy-test features include:

• 3 new sample didimo avatars

• New idle animations

• Live MoCap animation of didimo avatars

• Drag & zoom to see fine details and quality

  • Easily generate 3D digital human avatars

• Create didimos with a selfie from camera

• Create didimos with photos from gallery

• Use front camera

• Login with Apple ID

  • Customize your didimos

• Expanded hair library + a new baseball cap

• Change hair color with new color selector

• Change eye color with new color selector

• Change basic facial expressions

All new iOS Showcase app

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