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Didimo’s achievement pins: collect them all!

When an idea is born, it’s accompanied by visions and dreams of what it could be one day, once it’s brought to life. It can only become anything more than a plan through the effort, dedication and hard work of a team that is united by a common goal. Once there is a unified front, there’s no limit to what can be achieved.

Didimo is an example of a successful idea. With 14 years of research under our belt, we have reached a solution that can bring our vision of a more human digital world to life. On a daily basis, our team places all their passion and dedication into seeing this happen. The truth is we’ve had quite a journey, from our first release to our series A investment round at the end of 2022. Monumental achievements that were only possible with a great team. As such they deserve to be celebrated as a team.

We thought it would be fun to share a look behind the scenes at one of the ways we build team focus and celebrate big victories: Didimo milestone pins. These pins highlight key milestones that we’ve achieved as a team. Everyone receives one when the team meets its goal, because it takes everyone to hit these big milestones. So far, we’ve released four of these pins, in chronological order: our Release 2.5, the completion of our EU Grant project, the release of full-body didimo characters, and finally our Series A closure in 2022.

To further elaborate, our first pin is to commemorate the release of our Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5, which has significantly increased the quality and likeness of generated didimos. One of our biggest achievements with this version was how much we reduced the time it takes to generate one didimo, cutting 33% of the time while also increasing visual quality.

The first of Didimo’s celebratory pins, dedicated to the release of version 2.5

The second one is the result of two years of work towards qualifying and completing a European Union grant. Building significant capability and tracking progress through a rigorous two-year process, this pin recognizes the significant growth enabled by the grant and the efforts of the entire company. This is truly a case where teamwork helped to deliver a huge milestone.

The second pin, this time to highlight the end of the 2-year project to qualify for a European Union Grant

Third, and one that truly brought Didimos to another level is the official release of full body didimos! Beyond incredibly detailed and performant heads, didimos could now also have full & fully animatable bodies, allowing us to further humanize the digital world. The possibilities are endless, from dancing to posing to fashion try-ons, making didimos more useful for companies and teams using characters.

The release of bodies for didimos, immortalised in the third pin

We saved the best for last with our fourth pin, dedicated to our series A. Announced in October of last year, this investment round will allow us to grow and invest in new talent as well as further develop our technical solutions towards markets like gaming, fashion and entertainment. It’s a very important step in our history that deserves to be celebrated as a team.

Fourth pin, highlighting the achievement that was the series A financing round

But our pins are not just historical. We have set our sites on some big goals for 2023 and are already working to make those realities…and earn our next pins. Want to know what they will be awarded for? You’ll have to watch it to see.

If you’re wondering how the pros at Didimo use these beautiful pins, wonder no more: most team members add them to their Didimo backpack, which every team member receives when they join the company. There is no better way to decorate a bag that unites our team across the world.

The backpack that is a part of Didimo’s welcome kit, decorated with the celebratory pins

We can’t wait to see where the future takes us and we hope that, in a few years, our team's backpacks will be completely covered in all these celebratory pins, fully decorated with our great achievements.

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