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Didimo in the news: June roundup

Portugal, our HQ, has been talked about as the European Hub for Artificial Intelligence in recent times, which is the reason why we sat down with SAPO Tek, one of the main Portuguese tech media outlets, to discuss AI with some other colleagues in the ecosystem.

As Artificial Intelligence is one of the key emerging technologies nowadays, many companies are developing solutions around it, with some of these advancements revolutionizing the world and the way businesses operate, and many of those companies are based right here in Portugal.

In the first interview, “Feedzai, Didimo, DefinedCrowd, Unbabel, Talkdesk: the AI being made in Portugal has more and more names,” the main AI players in Portugal, shared some insights about how artificial intelligence plays a part in each company. We explained what role AI plays at Didimo, with the first one being our computer vision, which is used to programmatically model a 2D input (like a selfie) and translate it into 3D space. And secondly, our machine learning is used to programmatically virtualize any face morphology on the planet - by training a machine learning model of what a ‘face is’ in 3D space. That means our pipeline can read a photo and create a unique didimo that matches the user. It does not need inputs such as selecting gender, race, or age. It does not require tweaking. The pipeline simply and quickly returns the unique digital double of an individual user.

Read the full interview (in Portuguese) here.

In the next interview, “AI: Portuguese talent has diversified but is becoming more open to working abroad,” we at Didimo, and the fellow startups, shared how we find talent in deep tech in Portugal. As our CTO João Orvalho says, “Portugal nowadays has a "vibrant and innovative technological and startup ecosystem, with several companies and leaders giving back to the community, supporting pioneering startups in the areas of AI, deep learning, and technology, in successfully launching their innovations to the world.”

Read the full interview (in Portuguese) here.

We are big believers that Portugal is leading in AI and deep tech and will continue to do so. Will you join us?

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