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Beyond Labels: Making the digital world more human

Age, gender, and ethnicity are the most common requirements to fill out when creating our digital profiles.

Technology is adapted to society in a way that nowadays it is impossible to create any digital profile without it requiring your gender and age, and some profiles go as far as asking for your ethnicity. Labels are a way to categorize and assign people to different buckets, making it easier to define who they are. This is an all-or-nothing and black-or-white approach, in which we try to categorize people with simplistic and often meaningless labels.

Technology companies ask these questions because they have found ways to profit from this labeling. For many very successful businesses, this data is their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, this has increased the level at which we are bucketed, getting to the point that an algorithm decides who we are, what we want, what we need, and who do we want to become.

In a world where people are, in fact, trying to steer away from labels, by removing gender pronouns, defining themselves as citizens of the world, and detaching themselves from age preconceptions, technology also needs to follow up with this will.

In our conception of a didimo - which is a digital representation of ourselves - these labels no longer exist. Each person is represented as they wanted to be seen and not how the machine needs to see them. A didimo can accurately and truly represent who you are from a simple picture, bringing to life core human attributes, such as visual appearance and animation. With scanning and recording tools, we can generate digital humans with accurate behavior, emotion, and voice.

We have separated ourselves from needing labels and the misconceptions they inherently bring. We are focused on the human and how to authentically integrate them into the digital world.

What can the future look like if we don’t need to categorize ourselves and simply can engage, fully as ourselves?

At the end of the day, we are all humans, and at Didimo this is exactly what we are trying to achieve, to make the digital world more human.

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