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An All-New Didimo Platform

It is with great pleasure that today we announce the launch of our new Didimo Generation Pipeline. Our team has spent the last year building a major platform update to offer a robust solution for businesses and developers so they can harness the power of digital humans to create exciting experiences and drive meaningful results.

Transforming Business via Didimo Digital Humans™

Via private early access today and soon through public early access, Didimo is unveiling the most advanced platform for digital human avatars for businesses. This platform will support robust new features and capabilities. We have new support tools, enterprise support, and broader integration capabilities to make Didimo digital humans an easy, seamless part of your experiences.

Didimo digital humans - user-generated, high-quality, scalable, and ready at runtime - are a game-changer for businesses to better engage their customers with more personalized, authentic, and engaging experiences. From a simple selfie, your customers can now fully see themselves in your experiences. Innovative companies are gaining a first-mover advantage today by bringing this to their customers. Now is the time to be unlocking this potential in your business.

Sign Up For Early Access

Sign up today to join the list for early access. Early access to the new platform, features, and tools is limited to a select group while we put the final touches on some advanced features. Signing up today will ensure you are among the first to know and access all of the new features and capabilities coming this Fall.

New Features, New Tools

Central to the evolution of our platform, we have worked hard to bring new capabilities in animation. With a completely new animation system, we can now support life-like movements & emotions, and with the integration of tools like Apple’s ARKit, Oculus Lipsync, and Amazon Polly TTS, it’s easy to do. A whole new Unity SDK also makes this simple for a broad range of our clients, partners, and developers. You’ll find everything from new file formats (including glTF) to a new REST-based API to API code examples in 18 languages. And hair? Yes, we have that coming, too. Keep an eye out for “good hair Tuesdays”...we think you’ll love it.

Here's a sample of what you'll see:

We have a lot to share. But as you can guess, a few elements are still in progress as we perform final reviews with client input. Please note that our iOS Showcase app will not feature these advancements until later in the year when we release a completely new version of the app. And as is typical of early access, there might be a few changes under the hood over the next few weeks, so stay attuned to our updates if you start building with the new platform.

The easiest way to start is by signing up.

A Bright, Human-Centric Future

We believe strongly that digital humans are the preferred digital interface for humans. Because they let us be truly human. We are focused on making the best digital humans, for everyone, so that every business can engage their customers in more engaging, authentic, and personal ways. Join us on this mission, and let us show you how your business can benefit from the power of Didimo digital humans.

With Gratitude,

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