Animation Programmer (Computer Graphics)

Job Location

Portugal or UK (remote)

Type of Job

Engineering & Programming

About the job

As an Animation Programmer, you will develop, test, deploy, operate and support animation solutions required to implement the creative vision for our cutting edge real time 3D digital human technology.


  • Degree level in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and related fields or equivalent experience.

  • Strong experience (5+ years)  in real time 3D technology preferably gaming.

  • Strong experience in character animation. 

  • Strong experience in C/C++ programming. 

  • Strong 3D maths.

  • Strong Computer Graphics skills.

  • Strong Unity experience. 

  • Experience building efficient code (CPU/GPU cost, memory usage, code size).

  • Experience with rigging systems, animation state machines, low-level animation systems, physics-based animation and/or IK systems.

  • Experience with multi-threaded programming and system tasks such as graphics, audio, networking, memory handling, debuggers, etc.

  • Experience with application-level programming such as script compilers and user-facing tools.

  • Experience with developing for different platforms (PC, console, mobile, VR/AR). 

  • Developed and delivered products/solutions to customers. 

  • Experience of working with Agile methodologies. 

  • Experience with using issue and project tracking software including JIRA for example. 

  • Experience in using version control software such as Git or similar.

  • Fluent written and spoken English. 


  • Experience with Unreal.

  • If from gaming, at least 2 games shipped in which are credited as a Programmer.

  • Experience with technology that includes a significant focus on 3D characters.

  • Experience with integration with clients/customers technology requirements is a plus.

  • Experience with running a live product with regular update releases and improvements.

  • Working remotely in a virtual diverse environment.

  • Experience in leading teams (direct or indirect).