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Our Mission
Our mission is to bring the richness of human engagement to every digital interaction.
Digital interactions
as authentic as
our physical ones.
Our Mission

Every minute, people across the world are making billions of digital connections.

Unfortunately, these interactions often miss core human attributes – such as emotion, empathy, and nuanced expression – that are critical to connection and understanding.

So Didimo is democratizing the creation of bespoke avatars, allowing everyone to engage more authentically through the image we know most intimately – our own – thereby improving the humanity of our future digital interactions.

We believe our virtual selves should be as authentic and personal as our physical selves.

Family on Digital Tablet
Real, human connection.
Born from a real, human breakthrough.

In 2011, Didimo CEO Veronica Orvalho and her team at Porto University observed how virtual avatars can elicit engagement and emotional empathy in patients with severe autism. Through this research, a father was able to communicate for the first time with his autistic child through the use of an avatar. This experience inspired a passion to help everyone connect more authentically in digital spaces. See the story here.

Didimo was officially founded in 2016 and has quickly grown in the subsequent years to a team of over 30 people spread across 3 locations globally. The Didimo team is a highly-skilled team of experts in Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, and Technical Art. Despite our technical focus, we never forget that our work is to help people make better human connections.

Tablet Learning

Paper Wings - Bridging The Gap

Didimo is the proud founder and a sponsor of the Paper Wings initiative, seeking to open educational opportunities to all and bridging the gap between the academic and business worlds for enterprising young students. Paper Wings aims at supporting university students in STEM subjects with scholarships and summer internships. If you are interested in knowing more...

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