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Humanizing Technology

High-quality digital humans,
less than 70 seconds

The Next Digital Interface: You.

Stop feeling separated from the action. Be yourself, authentically and richly, wherever you want to be. Didimo 3D digital humans™ put you front and center in any digital experience, so you can more effectively communicate, share, learn, play and shop. Your personal didimo ("twin" in Greek) frees you to be yourself in any digital space.

You. Now Everywhere.

Imagine seeing yourself wearing the latest fashion on your favorite shopping sites. Or you—and your friends—in your favorite game, playing as yourselves. You collaborating with colleagues on another continent, seeing each other as if in person. Not a character. Not a cartoon. Finally, it's you. And you won't want to go anywhere not as yourself ever again.

B120 didimo render_v2_hair_front.png

Turn this.
Into this.
In seconds.

Life-like Digital Humans.
At Scale & Speed.

Didimo is a ground-breaking technology platform for the fast creation of user-generated digital humans. Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides businesses, developers, and content creators with everything needed to generate user-based, photo-realistic digital humans in their experiences. The Didimo platform is fast, robust, and reliable—designed to allow your software to seamlessly integrate your users' digital twins at runtime.

Simple. Fast. Powerful.

All it takes is a selfie.
And our cloud-based platform can generate a fully 3D, realistic and animatable digital human.
Literally, photo in...didimo out.

Male1 Transform.png

The only platform designed for speed, scale and accuracy.

From years of research and design, Didimo is a simple yet powerful platform. Our patented AI and computer graphics pipeline and our API and SDK make it easy to bring rigged, skinned and fully animatable characters to life in your apps and experiences. Best of all, they are customizable, versatile and designed for scale at runtime.


Quick turn-around: no more manual work or time-consuming process. User-generated digital humans at runtime.


Map facial features to each pixel 
of a digital human using advanced computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning.

arrow circle.png

in less than
70 seconds


Automate a complex series of steps. No more experts or expensive software & hardware.

Deploy in any environment. Developers can use their own rig
and mesh or leverage ours.


Unlocking new opportunities to redefine brand experiences.

Fashion Billboard.png

Unprecedented experiences for innovative brands

Personify the way your customers engage with your services, pioneering a new paradigm of interaction across retail, entertainment, fashion, communication, and more. Give a face to your AI assistants or chatbots, connecting more effectively with customers and unlocking new revenue streams.

The new interface for immersive entertainment & service

An enterprise solution that allows gamers or customers to easily digitize and immerse themselves in your existing technology. Support your consumers through personalized service assistants. Using your own mesh and rig, generate didimos for any type of experience—rapidly and affordably.

Image by Pavel Pjatakov

Didimos can revolutionize your business.
Let us show you how.

Let us show you how user-generated didimos can transform your business. When people can engage as themselves in your digital experiences, they stay longer, play more, make more and better purchase decisions. And tell their friends about it. You will too.

Download now:

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Try it now in our mobile app.

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See what a didimo can do in our Showcase app.

Showcase App
Didimo is proud to be supported by an amazing set of investors and advisors.
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And honored to be selected as one of the Top 50
most promising European Deeptech startups by the European Innovation Council. 
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