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Embeddable Library

Automatic in-app didimo generation

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Completely Yours

Customizable template
mesh & rig, so you can replace
ours with your own

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Fully Integrated

Provide a frontal photo or
3D scan (for HD results) and the library does the rest

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Instant Results

Let your users create and share didimos on the fly in your apps and on social media

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Ready for Action

Clean output mesh with known vertex and UV topology, rigged and ready for animation

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Your Didimos Can Talk

Input a text or audio file and we will automatically generate all of the visual speech animations

Didimo provides a range of costing options making it easy for anyone to create and use didimos in their commercial products. All purchases and status of accounts is managed through our customer portal. This page provides details on our approach to pricing, terms and examples to demonstrate how our model works. Scroll to learn more or use these buttons to jump to the section you need:

Our Roadmap

Didimos get better all the time. Because our AI is always learning.
And because we plan big things, like these:

New app - May

V2.5 Rendering
Blendshape based rig

Didimo Package V3 with New mesh topology
New uncompressed textures
New blendshape based rig
New shaders

LOD support

Input photo+depth
Bodies & skeletons

Body configuration
Improved hair integration

Age & wrinkle optimization

2022 - Second Half

Emotion sensing

Increased body library

Accessories library


Automatic personalized emotional response

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms are supported?  

Do you provide an SDK?

Do you support Unreal?

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