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Didimo Popul8 
AI-Generated Game Characters


​The easiest & fastest way to populate your game
with thousands of unique characters in your style.​

Character creation is time-consuming and expensive. Our patented AI technology enables game creators to generate thousands of unique characters in minutes.

Popul8™️ by Didimo quickly populates your digital worlds with thousands of unique characters while matching your visual style & technical specifications. Now you can build richer worlds with greater diversity while maintaining your unique game aesthetic. And because it's so fast, you get to market quicker.

Popul8 uses AI technology to adopt base models to fit your visual style. It also fits assets, both external and proprietary, to your characters. Popul8 is an infinitely variable character generator that fits your game needs.


A fast, easy-to-use creation & customization tool.
Uses your game style, assets, and specifications. 
Memory-optimized to include more characters in your game.

Give us the word. Or 5.
We'll give you a character.
Or 1,000.

"Female. East Asian. Old."  No problem.

"Fifty characters. Randomly assorted for age, sex, race." Easy.

Our AI platform gives you incredibly rich base characters that you can use immediately. Or that you can tailor further. And they all come rigged and fully animatable. Your vision. Delivered. Quickly.

character creator array.001.jpeg

Tinker. Tailor. Soldier. Spy. (Or a Sprinter or Stryker.)

Tailor 2 GIF Fast.gif
Tailor 1 GIF Fast.gif

A robust character editor empowers you to personalize and modify each character to your desire quickly.
And you can edit individual characters, subsets, or whole groups of characters, for faster application of your choices.
Change face and body shapes fast; fit wardrobe easily; change hair, skin, or makeup on the fly. Automatically randomize editing choices for increased diversity in a flash. For example, you can generate a Kenyan Olympic team, make them 60% female,
show a range of body shapes, and 
add uniforms (or sunglasses or makeup patterns, etc.), all in three simple steps.

The editor supports custom character styles, common animation formats, and 3rd party assets.
It is easy to use, requires minimal training, and is highly flexible to fit any workflow.


AI-powered generation of unique people, characters, or creatures.
Faster production. Faster iteration. Richer worlds.

Didimo Popul8    -  Simple. Fast. Powerful.

Character Editor

Quickly create thousands of unique characters for any game. Edit any feature of the character or batches of characters to quickly complete your library.

It enhances and seamlessly fits into any character design workflow and accelerates character artists’ work.

The editor supports custom styles, common animation formats and 3rd party assets. It is easy to use, requires minimal training, and is highly flexible to fit any workflow.

Custom Style & Standard


Maintain your creative vision and game style while speeding up your character creation process. Focus on other game design aspects and get to market faster.

Custom styles can be uploaded into the editor tool. Didimo characters will be generated with the same game style and specifications.

The generation process of your characters is fully automatic once set up in the AI-powered editor.

Build. Create. Design. Let AI do the tedious parts.

Asset Fitting


Accessorize characters immediately, without the extended fitting process.

Our asset fitter adapts any asset to fit characters generated by Didimo. Assets are fitted automatically; no manual artistic intervention is needed.

Existing proprietary asset libraries and standard external libraries can be imported to the editor.

Hair, garments, and accessories can be imported so no previous work is lost.

Runtime Memory Optimization


Get infinite character variability while protecting memory constraints.
We provide reference code for an in-game, run-time memory-optimized module to quickly render characters with minimal in-game memory footprint.

Achieve a  10x memory savings, compared to other methods via the unique way Didimo characters are generated and stored, reusing the same asset thousands of times for an infinite number of unique & diverse characters.

​Key Features Include:

  1. Full-featured Character Generator to create 3D characters that fit your current pipeline.

  2. Fully customizable mesh, textures and rig; generate characters to your specification.

  3. Generate hundreds of characters, and edit quickly in groups and subgroups.

  4. Run-time optimized characters to reduce memory footprint and enable rendering of thousands of unique characters.

  5. High and low polygon characters are ready to be used in popular game engines (Unity, Unreal, etc.) with standard output formats (FBX, glTF).

  6. Support for customer assets and animations, so you don’t have to start over.

  7. Respect for your uniqueness: maintain control over your game aesthetics and visual style.

Didimo Popul8 can revolutionize
your game. Let us show you how.


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Compatible with:

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