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Platform & Technology
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The New Interface for Digital Engagement


/ 'di-di-mo /

1. means "twin" in Greek.

2. a life-like digital representation of a person, which allows someone to engage more personally in the digital world.

Didimo is the only platform that allows you to bring high-quality digital humans to life in your experiences in less than 70 seconds and at scale.

From inputs as simple as a selfie, our proprietary & patented Didimo Generation Pipeline—a modular set of computer vision, machine learning, 3D geometry, and texture & rigging tools—automates the creation of user-based digital humans. The output is an incredible likeness of your user, capable of high-fidelity animation and control. Our SDKs and tools make it easy to get your first didimo running in minutes.

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Be You

Capable & Customizable - didimos Are Versatile

Our ‘didimos’ are configurable at the point of generation - with different configuration variables that suit a variety of specific customer needs. The flexibility in output configuration gives didimos a broad-spectrum of use-cases across games, fashion, XR, emerging communications, and more.

Animation potential is at the heart of how we create a didimo, and our Advanced Animation Rig is designed to provide incredibly expressive animation that can be driven by a wide range of various inputs - from MoCap Data to ARKit - making it possible to manipulate all regions of the face and enable expressions and speech.

Whether placing your user into your latest game title or virtual fashion try-on or next-level XR collaboration - our technology powers greater engagement, representation, and connection for a new age of interaction. And takes your experiences to the next level.

Didimo is a Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The Didimo Platform provides content creators, developers, and platforms with everything necessary to generate and bring to life authentic digital humans. Our platform does this in a fast, robust, and reliable method designed to allow experiences to seamlessly integrate these digital characters at runtime.

Our cloud-hosted platform automates the generation of high-fidelity digital humans which has typically required days or weeks of 3D artist time. From photographic inputs as simple as a selfie, our proprietary and patented pipeline generates incredible realtime-ready and highly-animatable digital humans in less than 70 seconds.

Profile Portrait

The Didimo Generation Pipeline

Our modular pipeline consolidates many different & intensive steps into a single process to deliver digital humans to your specifications. In addition, this modular design allows Didimo to support individual customer requirements via ‘Adaptors’—customer-specific unique steps in the pipeline that ensure the output matches a specific customer need.

Didimo Generation Pipeline
From hundreds of hours to under 70 seconds,
Didimo streamlines the production of characters at scale.
All stages, integrated into one step

Provide a single front facing image, selfie or depth scan of a user


Our technology creates a 3D mesh based on the user facial morphology


Our pipeline automatically creates a sophisticated rigging system


Our rig allows manipulation of all face regions, enabling expressions & speech


Our pipeline delivers a high-fidelity 3D model, ready to be used at runtime

Tools & Support

Our platform tools empower developers to integrate and extend didimos to create next-level experiences. Let your users create and share didimos on the fly in your apps and on social media. See our Developer Tools and App below to get started.



Unity SDK


Meet a didimo

Click to load. In a few seconds you can see, up close and personal, a didimo, including layers for topology, reflectivity, albedo and normals. Be sure to zoom and rotate to really see the quality.

Meet A Didmo

Try it in our mobile app.

See what a didimo can do in our Showcase app.

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