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Humanizing Technology

High quality digital humans in

under 90 seconds

Didimo    a ground-braking technology platform

for the fast creation of user-generated digital humans


Digital Humans, didimos, are the next big interface for digital connections. Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides content creators, developers, and businesses with everything needed to generate user-based, photo-realistic digital humans in their experiences. The Didimo platform does this in a fast, robust, and reliable way, designed to allow your software to seamlessly integrate your users' digital twins at runtime.

The Didimo Generation Process

User-specific digital humans at runtime. Didimo's are built from user inputs. Simply upload, then our AI and CGI pipeline goes to work. When complete, your application can automatically download and integrate a didimo into your software. Our SDK and API make it easy.

1. Capture

Use our SDK to help capture your users's best selves and upload them to our cloud platform.

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2. Process

Process and tailor the didimo to your needs.

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3. Download

When your didimo is ready, your experience will know when to download it and what to do with it; our SDK brings it to life.

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