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Working at Didimo
Want to be part of a revolution?

We are committed to making the digital world more human by bringing what makes us unique to every online interaction. Our didimos—high-fidelity digital humans—revolutionize how we interact online by enabling us to become a seamless part of our virtual worlds.


Want to create the future together?

How It All Started.

In 2011, a little boy with big, beautiful eyes entered Veronica’s research laboratory at the University of Porto. Like most children, he loved to play with his favorite computer games. However, he always played alone.


Suffering from severe autism, he experienced significant challenges in communicating with family and friends. On that day, he and his father sat together at a table playing an experimental game developed by Veronica’s team which enabled the mimicking and drawing of facial expressions on a 3D character. The little boy’s father would gently take his son’s hand and help him draw with unrelenting empathy and patience. After a while, something magical happened and the little boy smiled. A priceless smile.

That day, new technology created a very human moment of connection between a father and a son. And a new form of communication had been inspired. Could it contribute to more human, authentic digital communication? Could this technology help more people connect better? What if we created a digital version of people that made technology more human by bringing the richness of who we are to our digital interactions?


Didimo’s mission was born.  Learn more of the story here.

Origin Story

Our Values

Working At Didimo.

Be Humble

We respect the trust that is placed in us to build a cutting edge technology for digital humans by all. We understand that we do not have all the answers and will need help to tackle the tough questions we should and need to answer. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Be Kind

We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. To always start from a place of kindness, empathy, and respect, avoiding judgment and blame.


Never Stop Learning

We actively seek to always be learning. Not only about what advances our technology but about what surrounds us. The world is a borderless classroom where we grow by learning about what is different, new, not yet asked or answered.


We recognize that we are part of a wider community and that together we can contribute to a better future for all by giving when and where we can. Paying forward without expecting payback.

Have Grit

We are committed to our vision of making the (digital) world more human. We will face challenges and some may seem insurmountable. But we will not give up because we believe in our vision and in each other.

Get Stuff Done

We believe our technology can have a positive impact on countless moments of digital interaction and people everywhere, enabling them to be part of this new digital world. We strive to make this a reality, delivering on our commitments to each other, our clients, and the wider community.


Inspire Others

We aim to try to inspire ourselves and others to make the world a better place by being “the change we want to see” (Gandhi). We believe that sometimes the most powerful change can happen in one word, one smile, one call. 

What we offer:
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Revolutionize digital interaction

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Work on a technology with a broad horizon of potential applications

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Work with an amazing, diverse, international team (and yes we may be a little subjective!)

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Develop or further develop skills through a steep hands-on learning curve

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Work & learn in areas like AI, computer graphics, technical art, computer vision, AR/VR, physics, and more

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Ride the amazing rollercoaster that is cutting edge innovation

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Grow as a professional and a person in a team with people at its core

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Play a critical role in creating the next phase of our fast growing startup

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Work with a remote-first team

Talent Incubator

If you are interested in joining our team and are just starting on your professional journey, our Talent Incubator could be a great option. This program is an opportunity for young graduates and university students to gain working experience in different technical areas within Didimo, providing a solid foundation. The working experience could include a full or part-time role within our team or a summer internship. Summer internships are open to candidates who are completing their final or penultimate year of university.

As part of the program, a personalized development plan will be built together with you, considering strengths, areas for further work, and what makes you tick. You will be assigned a formal mentor for support; our HR team help to ensure that you can get as much as you can from the Talent Incubator.

Talent Incubator
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